advantages and drawbacks of home schooling

advantages and drawbacks of home schooling

For quite a long time, we have known school as being a spot to study and look. Most parents will even send their children to college if they are big enough to ensure later a child can become an intelligent and skilled person. However, presently there are also methods besides schools to obtain early childhood education, namely homeschooling. No need to go university, children who move through homeschooling can learn comfortably in their own homes. Sounds interesting huh? However, mothers want to know the huge benefits and drawbacks of homeschooling whenever they desire to be put on children.

Knowing Homeschooling

Independent schools or better known as homeschooling are alternative education methods which exist today besides formal schools. As the name suggests, using this method of education is done in your own home so parents can determine their very own teaching system according to their children’s abilities, interests, and learning styles. Actually, it does not differ much from soccer practice, parents that like homeschooling brings home teaching staff to train their children a formal curriculum similar to school. It’s just that the atmosphere of homeschool learning is a bit more homey since it is done in your house.

However, for fogeys who want to apply the homeschooling strategy to their children, they are necessary to report to your head with the education office at the district or city level.


Advantages of Homeschooling versus Formal Education

The most significant benefit of learning by homeschooling is children will get the complete attention with the teaching staff, so that they don’t have to wait their consider learn something. In addition, the pace of learning could be adjusted to the child as one of the huge benefits of homeschooling. If kids are able to take lessons well, the teacher can continue learning for the next stage. But if a child feels difficult, the teacher can continue to teach the lesson until he understands it. Those who’ve tried homeschooling also claim to take pleasure in the learning process freely. Not only that, you may still find a great many other homeschooling advantages:

Parents and youngsters can determine time and use of learning. This is very very theraputic for children who’ve many activities like artists, sportsmen, etc.
In addition, the advantages of homeschooling are parents can also determine their own topics and ways of learning which are in accordance with the interests, abilities, and learning styles of children. Thus, children can be cultivated talents according to their desires and skills.
Most formal schools set a lively study schedule from morning to evening for children. While homeschooling, allows children to deal with their study time flexibly, so that children will get longer rest periods.
With homeschooling, parents can also monitor the little one’s learning progress and relationships. That way, children can avoid association much more growth.

Lack of Homeschooling

In addition for the above benefits, the caretaker also needs to consider the shortcomings that is to be obtained when educating children by homeschooling.

Homeschooling children usually have a less extensive self confidence, so she has difficulty getting together with peers from various social statuses.
There isn’t any curriculum standardization
Lack of competitiveness because school is one with the best places to train a child’s competitive spirit.
Well, that’s the pros and cons of homeschooling that parents need to know. Homeschooling should not be used as a shortcut for children who experience problems during school, for example academic problems or children who will be victims of bullying. However, homeschooling may be a solution for kids that have serious illnesses or certain limitations.