Boing max 8 plane crashed again


The Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed after that takeoff. Quoting Reuters, the plane that crashed was Boeing 737 MAX 8.

This form of aircraft continues to be familiar with the Indonesian people. Because, recently there is an aircraft crash that fell in Lion Air. who make use of the same form of aircraft.

The sort of aircraft employed by Ethiopian Airlines matches the Lion Air plane which crashed last October 2018. The Lion Air plane that crashed was also a type of Boeing 737 MAX. The chronology with the crash with the plane was almost the same, namely both shortly after takeoff. The Lion Air plane with JT 610 number Cengkareng-Pangkal Pinang flight route crashed 13 minutes after takeoff.

Shortly following the accident, Lion Air gave a significant shocking statement. Because, the plane that crashed was a new aircraft and was worthy of operation.

“The aircraft is registered with PK-LQP type Boeing 737 MAX 8. This aircraft is created in 2018 and possesses only been operated by Lion Air since August 15, 2018. The aircraft was declared operational worthy,” Lion Air said, October 29, 2018 ago.

The plane carried 178 adult passengers, one child passenger and two baby passengers. There are three flight attendants being trained and one technician.

The aircraft was commanded by Capt Bhavye Suneja with co-pilot Harvino as well as six cabin crew for Shintia Melina, Citra Noivita Anggelia, Alviani Hidayatul Solikha, Damayanti Simarmata, Mery Yulianda, and Deny Maula.
“The pilot has over 6,000 flight hours as well as the co pilot has a lot more than 5,000 flight hours,” the statement continued.

As is famous, the Ethiopian Airlines plane to Nairobi fell with 149 passengers and 8 crew inside it. The aircraft with flight number ET 302 crashed nearby the town of Bishoftu, 62 km southeast from the capital city of Addis Ababa.

Reporting from Reuters on Sunday (03/10/2019), the Boeing 737-800 MAX aircraft using the ET-AVJ registration plate flew from Bole Airport in Addis Ababa at 8.38 local time. The plane lost contact 6 minutes after taking off