Ethiopian Airlines crash in Boeing 737 MAX 8

Jamie Jewell, a spokesperson for CFM, said at that time that the company’s inspections found “some anomalies within the process” of manufacturing disks for the jet’s turbine. Jewell also stressed that no problems in connection with the part were seen in the more than 2,000 hours of test flights for your 737 Max.
“Out associated with an abundance of caution, we made a decision to temporarily suspend MAX flights. The step is in line with our priority concentrate on safety for those who use and fly our products,” the plane maker said in a very statement.

The plane that crashed on Sunday morning was brought to Ethiopian Airlines in November. It was considered one of five active MAX 8 aircrafts of the airline, and another was on order, based on the website Plane Spotters, which tracks aircraft orders.
The MAX versions with the 737 are touted for their LEAP jet engines which Boeing says “redefine the future of efficient and environmentally friendly traveling by plane.” Boeing says the 737 MAX jets are 10% to 12% more efficient that their predecessors.
But until an investigation is launched, it is sometimes complicated to find out whether the disaster emereged as the result of your failure inside the aircraft, human error, or some other factor.
“We will not likely get a final determination for two main or 3 years, but we’re going to get information from your flight recorders — which I’m guessing will probably be easier than you think to retrieve — inside a matter of weeks,” Quest said.
Boeing did not immediately react to a CNN request comment concerning the model, but have released an argument saying it is “deeply saddened to find out in the passing of the passengers and crew.” It added that a “Boeing technical team is prepared to offer technical assistance on the request and under the direction from the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board.”